Saturday, February 08, 2014

Wet Cats

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Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Hey, this is not what we do in Winter....

Obviously, the Gods of Winter have grown senile.  

We're supposed to get a little ice, a little snow maybe once or twice  a season down here in the South.  

Not this year.....round after round....and they say there may be a snow storm next week???

I have one poor dogwood tree that fell over for the second time in the last month.  My son and I will try this afternoon to right it and tie it up again.  I have even used salt on our driveway and some on our deck which is as slick as an Olympic ice track.  I've had to actually wear coats ...not just fuzzy vests when going outside.  

Gods of Winter.....Hellllllooooooo...we live below the Mason-Dixon line ....and this is not what we do here in matter what that shaggy muskrat vile animal named Phil says we must do for the next 6 weeks!