Saturday, June 15, 2013

Hail Colonel Meow!

Truly he must be plotting to take over the world!

Friday, June 14, 2013

Kraft Zesty Salad Dressing

LOL>>>> unfortunately I've been using olive oil and flavored vinegar for a salad dressing the last few months....otherwise I would consider this Zesty thing....especially if he delivered it!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Swan Dive

I took a swan dive and changed my life.  I had to stand on the platform a long time though before I took the leap.

I resigned from the non-profit organization I belonged to yesterday.  I resigned politely and emphasized a health issue I have to take care of and my Bat Mitzvah studies which were lagging behind.  I can't decide this morning if I was a coward or a smart cookie for not also adding....that the behavior of some board members was also a factor.  It's probably best not to go there....not to burn my bridges.  That's the golden rule of life: nothing is certain but who knows...maybe down the road things will get better, people will leave....time and events will change the organization.

I am trying to believe I've made a mature decision....I've always been a fighter....maybe a dozen years ago I would never have even considered leaving the situation.  I would have fought the battle....stayed in the fold.....stuck it out to the end.  But I don't want to live with constant stress.
My mangled vertebra...needs exercise and attention and a whole program to get back in the groove.  And why as an adult, go through the exhilarating studies of being a student, only to cram and punt things to the last minute?

The need for belonging runs deep in me.  My parents are "auntie," a second mother to me is gone, and I am still considered a transplant in my southern state although I have been here for 15 years.  So removing myself from a community, even a troubling one is hard.  When I joined the Jewish community, I wanted to volunteer and contribute to the philanthropic ideals that are an integral part of being Jewish.  I just didn't know how tough some segments of the community are......maybe I picked the wrong segment....maybe I just need to look around and try something different. I just need to mellow out.

So I've done my little exercises to stretch my back for the morning, I'll take a walk when it gets cooler outside....I've already read a chapter of Genesis and I'm going to correspond to two people I haven't talked to in a while after lunch.  On Day One....dropping into the pool doesn't feel so bad.  Ha!   That's right....the neighborhood pool is now open.....perfect....time for a real swan dive this afternoon.