Wednesday, January 25, 2012

"Eat Me?"

Protest Art in Europe ......

Eat Less Meat...or no Meat.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Connections by Jack Anderson

We are all connected, one unto another.

A bulb in my hallway has burned out.

I keep fitting new bulbs into the socket.

Nothing happens.

Then I find in my hallway a switch I have never noticed before.

I flick it on and off, on and off.

Nothing happens.

Three blocks away, in their apartment, a wife calls to her husband,

"Henry! Come quick! The lights seem to be going on and off for no reason."

Jack Anderson

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Student Domestica

Some things are hard to admit....
but here it goes.....

I have become a "Student

My blogs are more spaced out because all I'm doing for studying ...and working on my house.

My bat mitzvah is set for October of 2013. It sounds a long way off until you start looking at the vast amount of Hebrew I have to know, say correctly and read. I also have to cope with "Hebrew freeze" which means one evening I'll sit down and read something out loud and the next night I'll look at a letter or word (from the very same text) as if it was an alien that landed right on my study sheet...and say, "What the hell is this letter?...and my brain freezes....
ala Rick Perry.....and won't budge...and I can't pronounce the word.

I must say ...I have admiration for Rick Perry....because when this happens to me...I don't say "
Ooops" ...interesting expletives fall out of my mouth. You have to give Perry credit for not saying something a lot more potent than ..."Ooops."

My house. Oh my house. 16 years we've lived here....prior to moving to the South...we moved about every 4 years. When that happens you tend to discard and slim your belongings because it's too damn expensive and costly to move junk.

But when you sit in a house, all cozy and warm, for 16 years....well....I have an attic....I have storage....and it's easier to just "put something away" than do something with it....especially if you dealing not with one or two people...but 5 people in a household.

So when I brought stuff up from my parent's house, it was a tipping point....boxes and boxes of their stuff and enough of my own stuff for me to shout...."ENOUGH"....and so I set a goal of one go through all the upstairs bedrooms....get rid of
Legos and cute character lamps cluttering up my young adult childrens' closet and pull up rugs and repaint etc etc....also to go through the attic and the garage.

So between studying and house and some community volunteer responsibilities..I've really become Ms. Student
Domestica.....and days whip by and I shake my head and this all I have moved? But I've got to get it done....because I don't want this to be a 5 year project...I have things to do and places to soon as I finish this.

In fact....I'm waiting to hear from the travel agent I just enlisted.....Looks like this summer it will be Rome, Israel, and Jordan and maybe Egypt...I realized I haven't scared myself in a I told her after the group part of the trip is over.....could she find opportunities for me to travel solo and head into the Wadi Rum in Jordan and maybe the Negev and maybe Petra and maybe Sinai? I'm waiting to hear what she might suggest.....should be a nice break....from study and peering into closets and into boxes I've hidden under pretty skirted tables. How clever I was to stash all that stuff......