Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Small interesting stuff.....

I've been under the weather a bit.....and not doing anything too serious....even my Internet reading habits have turned from my long list of serious newspaper reading to frivolous stuff.

Last night I came across two small things which just struck me as interesting.

Footsie Stuff.

Photos of people's feet.......

The feet on left are the footsies from an indigenous tribal person in South America who walks around barefoot.

The feet on the right are, of course, the feet of a city person who has lived his life in shoes.


Small Art

These miniature artsy pics are made from squashed/flattened gum by a British Artist....Mr. Wilson.

For the last six years, he has painted itty bitty pics on the tops of gum on London sidewalks.
He first softens the gum with a blowtorch, sprays it with lacquer and then enamels it. Using tiny brushes .....he paints little scenes on the gum and then lacquers it.

The article stated that these paintings can last for several years.....but I kept wondering if anyone ever came along with a scraper and lifted his art from the sidewalk and took it home?

Friday, June 24, 2011

Cleaning my closet with Help

This week I decided to clean out our master closet.

Not just go through it....poke poke....but to take everything out of it....and then put it all back in after it was checked....and eyeballed for Goodwill.

I knew it was a solo job.....but in the end I found I got lots of help......

Fancypants....tested out each storage box for proper size and fit....for cat relaxing.