Sunday, May 12, 2013

Two Pics I like.....

 I stood on the very same spot as the Pres did about a year ago.  It's feel like you're either in a movie or slipped into a National Geographic centerfold.  Petra, Jordan, "The Sanctuary"

When the evening news showed pics of the new George Bush the Younger library opening, I pointed at the TV and said to my hub, "Is George Bush Senior wearing pink socks."  He said, "Of course not." But then I saw this great pic in some newspaper and yes indeed, he was wearing pink socks.  Hooray for you Mr. President.  Hooray for men who wear pink socks.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

The rock actually moved.....

I saw this picture and laughed....that's how I feel today....but I can actually say the rock moved a few inches in the right direction.

 It's been about a month since I last blogged.... I couldn't sit down and write about all the trouble I was going through with my non profit cohorts and our wobbly organization.   Sometimes when you're so busy and stressed, sitting down to rehash things makes you feel worse.  So when my day ended, it just ended. I didn't want to think about what happened or muse on what was on the agenda.

After this very tense month, I'm pleased to say next week will be quiet. Some folks are out of town and we won't hold any meetings.  In addition, we've crossed lots of things off our to-do list as an organization so we actually can catch our breath. 

 I'm ready for this break.  I've had too many sleepless nights steeped in adrenalin from writing late night emails....and whole chunks of time when I felt like a zombie trying to make my way through my regular life because I was so preoccupied about the organization.

Being in a leadership role this month has been uncomfortable for me.  I'm rusty at being a leader and handling politics. The situation is further complicated because I'm chair of a committee and not the person to implement decisions, technically the president of the board is, but she has completely checked herself out of decision-making even though she has two months left to serve. She rarely answers my email or texts, doesn't give me feedback, and leaves me in limbo. Consequently, I'm in this weird situation where I'm not in charge yet need things implemented and the  President won't make any decisions.  If I make a decision, people grumble that I'm "taking over." If I don't make a decision or don't make it quickly, people snap "just decide already" and grumble I'm not taking charge.  It's a weird see-saw....taking action....not taking action....trying to work through her....ignoring her.

  To this cheery leadership dilemma, add strong personalities, politics and organizational problems.  One day I was so fed up....I j wanted to walk out on the whole thing...the whole organization.  I mentally swore at everybody and everything.  I was so mad....I just sat down and attacked my to-do list so I could send in my resignation by midnight.  I spent the whole day sending out a blizzard of emails and tidying things up.  By midnight, a few people started replying and saying things like, "oh that was the right thing to do" or "oh that was a good idea."  Midnight came....and I had done so much....I thought I would stay another day...which was a week ago. LOL

Perhaps we've already gone through the worse part of our transition in this organization....I've purposely taken myself off some sub-committees so I am not everywhere and doing everything.  I've assigned myself two solo writing projects while putting other people in charge...maybe that will help cool things down for me.
Today, I treated myself for two months of hard work by pulling out a lawn chair and setting it up in the driveway....I just sat the dappled sunlight with a cool breeze blowing for at least two hours.  I didn't think about the organization, the cranky people, the problems or the accomplishments.  I just sat....and watched the clouds go by while I sipped my ice tea.  Man, that felt good....

Tonight...I have to pay some bills....and catch up on a few correspondences.  My hub and I have already tidied up our master bedroom which always makes me feel better. Tomorrow the boys will help me tidy up downstairs so at least the house doesn't look like a bomb hit it.  Since it's Mother's Day, I'm not going to be afraid to ask for some honey-do projects to be completed-hanging a picture, spreading some mulch, moving some bags of dirt into a less conspicuous spot on the driveway.   I think the last cold front has passed I'll plant my tomatoes in their big clay pots tomorrow.  I'm going to nix thinking about my non-profit organizationI'm just going to do some small stuff, plant some flowers and watch my men folk tackle a nice dinner for me.


Friday, May 03, 2013