Monday, July 15, 2013

Back Swimming.....


It's taken a whole month to calm down.

I finally resigned from the non-profit board which was zapping my spirits and making me crazy.

 I decided on a date and wrote an email to the President of the Board.  It was short and sweet and non-evil.  I simply said I needed to focus on some things in my life and hoped some day to be of service again. Despite my desire to leave, I held on to the email for three days before I sent it.  Weighing the language, trying to make sure it was neutral, trying to make sure it was what I wanted to do.  No matter how crazy I was getting.....the fact is....I cared about the it was hard to leave.

After I sent the email, it only took about 8 hours to feel relieved and begin to forget all the stress and strain my board job entailed.  Two days out....and I could feel the stress melt off.....a week out and I forgot how every other minute of my day seemed to revolve around the organization.

Doubts vanished.  It was the absolute best thing to I'm concentrating on feeling better and studying.  A few folks even complemented me in my studies, noting that since I left, I've been more focused and getting better at my assignments.  Hooray!

Now I just have to get walking again....but that's another story.