Friday, March 29, 2013

Spring in the South: Time to air your cow out.

 What???  Is that a ......cow?

Spring has definitely arrived!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Good God I Need a Drink


 Good God I need a drink.  I have been quiet over the last couple weeks...because I have gotten myself in so much trouble.

Here I am in life....plugging along doing adult life taxes, house renovation, downsizing....and studying because I have a special ceremony in October to bat mitzvah...(like the traditional Bar Mitzvah you hear about except labeled Bat...because I'm a female). poor brain I try and try to get Hebrew into it......and now I know why 12 and 13 year olds are the perfect age....because you do this when your brains are soft....have room in them....and kids have nothing else to do but learn.  But me?  I have a full adult life (and you'all know what that entails) plus study and now....and now I raised my hand and made a suggestion and I need a drink...if not a life preserver.

I was sitting there at my board meeting ( community non-profit) when the board start discussing what to see...our executive director is moving on.  Let's just say this wasn't a nice easy goodbye but a bumpy turbulent goodbye which was not handled well for numerous reasons (aka messy).  People started asking ...what shall we do?  what should be done first?  I sat back for awhile...but my work history is in administration, hospital administration, education, and community organizing so I opened my mouth and said....well I think the first thing we need to do is A) then B) then C)....I gave suggestions.  Then everyone turned to me and you'll be in charge of the Transition?  OH>  me who just wanted a quiet life for the next few months so I could study and organize my life is now in charge of organizing (with a good committee) some major changes in an organization including looking at leadership, budget, purpose...etc etc etc.  

Tonight I already wrote several emails....and two snappy ones came back from a couple of members.  This is, a "snappy" type organization.....I haven't been snapped at for a while....I'm shaking my head....oh my....they are going to kill

   Already I'll have to make two phone calls tomorrow to smooth ruffled feathers.  In my head....this is easy....we need to assess the we know where we are.....then we need to get some type of leadership in again.....especially  with the skill set to tackle our defined problems...and then we move on....LOLLLOLLLOL>  so you see I'm quite delusional.  

But every day I see things a little clearer....I can see what's been crippling this organization...and where the holes are....too bad one can't be a dictator and just say step one we do this....step two we do that...but in all honesty I believe and have learned that although I would like to work that truly IS better to work as a team.  

As I'm writing this....I can see the number of emails I am getting increasing every two three....yikes....what interesting times....I hope I make it.