Friday, December 21, 2012

Getting there.....

Well...the photo is a little fuzzy...but that's the inside of my PODS unit on the driveway.  21 days into this work of going through all the boxes in my garage from my parents.....and I'm down to about 30 smallish boxesThe miracle of actually getting through a whole PODS of stuff was not lost on the universe....since the low hanging sun of winter even shined in the unit last night.  

I feel a sense of accomplishment and order....I've given away lots to Goodwill...threw some stuff out....and sorted things for garage sale and selling online.  Last night....I opened a box of beautiful vintage blazers and a few dresses from my mom.  They were gorgeous and as you would expect of classic quality clothes...have held up well even in storage.  I know nothing about selling things online but will start next fall.  As I patted the sleeve of one blazer with amazing buttons and crisp pipping...I thought of how happy some woman might be to own such a fashionable quality least that is what I'm thinking right now.

Funny, in my mother was always dominant...she did the finances....she was uncontested leader of the family....and architect of our life. But as I go through this boxes with so many many interesting things....collectables...vintage was my father that saved all of this.  I have virtually nothing from my mother....she destroyed her own records so I wouldn't find out her real age...there are no school paper trail.  Everything in these boxes are items my dad found interesting and I did too....because I saved them from the Estate Sale.  Sometimes, I scold myself and say...."You should have let them sell this"...but most of these things that are left are what I have found unique from their life too....and hope to pass on to the kids and even to the other folks once I learn how to do that.

Interesting....the only papers I have found are in my dad's collections of the hundreds of binders he kept with news articles and magazine photography ....stuck somewhere in the binder I have come across grandparents marriage of my parents wedding....or the personal papers of my dad.  I have often wondered why he hid such interesting papers, documents and photos in these binders of articles.  If you don't search these binders page by page you would never find them!

Yesterday as I found an interesting note from my grandfather to a tenant.... and the thought suddenly hit me... was he actually hiding these artifacts from my mother?  She was known to go through stuff and toss everything away...she thought everything old was "junk".  Consequently...I have no documents from my maternal legal business documents...nothing.  Whereas my dad, squirreled away hundreds of things.  I wondered if he hid these documents in his binders because my mother wouldn't find them there...she wouldn't be able to tear them up and toss them out.  

Of course the risk for dad, was that maybe I wouldn't find them either (I'm an only child so there was no one else to discover them).  Perhaps he planned to tell me they were there at a later time.  Of course, when he had his stroke, he couldn't talk or write....and he was soo soo frustrated.  He tried so hard to talk to me...sometimes I look back and wonder if he wanted to tell me where all this stuff was....if he wanted to tell me to search through each binder for papers and family mementos....look through the napkins on the bar for the cash he hid....look underneath the stairs in the crawl space to find some silver coins.  I didn't know these things when I started dismantling their house...but I quickly learned ...that dad had obviously hidden things away from my mother...and I learned to search every nook and cranny of the house as well as innocuous things like his stash of innocent binders.  

I guess that's why this process has taken so dad hid things and the times it takes for discovery is huge. 

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Busy busy busy since the Pod landed

Well....what was I thinking a couple of months ago?  

I guess something like this....Hmmmmm renting a POD for a month would be a great idea.  I could empty out ALL the boxes I've stored in my garage from my parent's house, clean out the garage, go through the boxes....and finally deal with them.  Wonderful idea Gina.  Now, let me go online and fill in the boxes and put my credit card info in and let them deliver it to me on DEC 1st.

Now...I am thinking...what the hell was I thinking getting a POD delivered on DEC 1st?  I mean there's winter, Chanukah, Xmas parties and New Year's....things to do, places to go.

Well....whatever....the PODS unit arrived on DEC. 1st and hub and I got down and dirty and emptied all the boxes into it and then cleaned the garage perimeter. Then I made some rules...I will pull out at least 6 boxes a day....(cause 6 x30 =180 boxes) and I will go through the box and put the stuff in three piles....Goodwill/ garage sale/sell.

I set up a folding buffet table smack dab in the center of the garage...with tape, screwdrivers, box openers, magnifying glass, string, etc all the necessities I could need for opening and sorting my IPAD for looking up stuff.

Then asked the men folks to start hauling them in.  Well, I had the right stuff to open boxes....but within 24 hours I quickly ran into a problem....tubs and/or boxes that could not be examined in an hour or two.  

 I opened at least two boxes filled to the top with my dad's papers....World War II papers....pamphlets....notes.....letters... pictures.....etc. etc.  Well you just can't go through something like that in an hour or two.  So I had to invent a new category.....Too Complicated to Deal with NOW.  So far I have 6 boxes in this category stacked in a corner of the garage.  I'm trying to keep this pile small.....but the fact remains after this round of culling things....there will still be stuff to go through.  I'm disappointed but realistic.

I've been surprised with the contents of some boxes....they show how nutty I was....or tired....or too much in grief to think.  

I opened one small box and it contained an old beach towel, two of my dad's used t-shirts and about ten pairs of his old socks.  That's it.....I looked at the contents and thought what was I thinking???  The beach towel was old with no memories attached to it....and the socks and t-shirts were just socks and t-shirts.  I placed them in the Goodwill bag and was happy I could get through that box in less than 10 minutes.

There are some big big plastic storage tubs in the PODS unit.... I bravely pulled out one of them last night. I had NO IDEA what was in it...I didn't mark it....I don't remember it....but I was nervous...a big tub means lots of stuff...and I really don't want to deal with lots of stuff.  I don't want more stuff in my house (after all.... all these boxes lived outside of my house and I didn't need a thing from any of them) and I didn't want to find complex things...and I didn't want to puzzled by valuable things I don't know what to do with.  So I took a deep breath.....and opened the lid.  

HOOORAY!   So this tub there was a new frying pan....(okay I could use that) some rags....(Okay these were soft ones I could put in the rag bucket) and about 24 double rolls of Bounty paper towels.  

Man...I was crazy.....why did I pack all these paper towels??? What was I thinking?? The only explanation I could dream up was... I discovered these paper towels in my dad's garage or basement....probably a Sam's Club purchase....I used some of them to clean the house....I probably thought the tub was a nice storage container to take home so I packed the paper towels in the tub along with a few items I could actually use.   Phew.  Dodged the bullet on that one.

I got so brave I pulled another big tub out tonight for tomorrow's work.  I peeked.....ugh.

Xmas stuff....piles and piles of Xmas stuff....obviously something I packed before the estate sale.  Maybe I wanted the kids to have some stuff?  Maybe I thought they were valuable? Boy...I shut that sucker tight and took a deep breath and will face whatever the hell it is ....tomorrow.

Tomorrow.  Day 12.... half way through...

may the remaining boxes and tubs be kind to me.   

The Pod

Sunday, December 09, 2012

Tits as weapons

In some ways....tits have always been used as weapons.  

I'm reminded of my time spent at the country club pool when my kids were little...trophy or simply very narcissistic wives would wear unbelievably skimpy bra bikinis to show off their assets and advertise to each other.  The advertisement went something like this:  mine are bigger ...firmer...rounder than yours which means I'm better than  you in catching rich gullible men prone to liking this type of arsenal.  (Meow.)

Of course women have used tits as weapons against men forever....flashing them at vulnerable men....and making them shake with desire.  In this case, they are more like Nerf guns....they mimic something dangerous but they're actually soft and fun.

It seems, however, a woman has actually used her breasts as an actual weapon ....instead of teasing a man into submission ....she tried to suffocate him with 36DD's.

 "Franziska Hansen, 33, is reportedly charged with “attempted murder with a weapon” after her lawyer boyfriend claimed she tried to smother him while pretending it was a sex game."

"(The Lawyer) told a court in Germany that the couple had been having sex in May this year when Ms Hansen suddenly grabbed his head and pushed it between her breasts with all her force.

He is quoted as saying: “I couldn't breathe any more, I must have turned blue. I couldn't tear myself free and I thought I was going to die.”

Mr Schmidt, who weighs 13 stone (182 lbs), claims he managed to wriggle free and fled naked to a neighbour, who raised the alarm.

He told the court that the couple’s four-year relationship had been strained after they moved to the town of Unna, where his career as a lawyer took off and she struggled to hold a job.

I  told this story to my hub.....and he said really? and then just laughed.

By the way....I think they have the facts wrong in the story....if these are actually the weapons (story taken from the Huffington Post) I would say they are more like 36 DDD.  I think you would need more than two D's to do some serious damage.

Sorry...had to remove was toxic and leaving snippets of text in other blogs.....but you can google the story and google the weapons.